Simple Vegetarian Recipes

Cooking Vegetarian Food Doesn't Have To Be Complicated!

Are you searching for simple vegetarian recipes? If you are cooking veggie food for the first time - perhaps for a vegetarian friend, or just because you want to cut back on the amount of meat that you eat - here are some great dishes to try.

Many people are put off cooking meat free meals. Perhaps they are concerned that the results would be bland or that they need heaps of unusual, hard to source ingredients. Fear not!!

All of these simple vegetarian recipes are straightforward to cook, there are no complicated techniques, they all need minimal preparation and achieve great results!

If you are looking for some simple vegetarian recipes that you can prepare and then pop in the oven, why not try the root vegetable and goats cheese frittata which is as easy as peeling and chopping root vegetables, roasting them in the oven and then adding beaten egg and goats cheese towards the end. Full of flavour and absolutely minimal effort! For an even simpler dish, you can't go wrong with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables, incredibly tasty on it's own, or perfect as a base for other recipes.

Or perhaps you looking for something super quick to make? The pesto pasta recipe in this section is a sure favourite - a brilliant quick, filling and flavoursome meal to have on standby. The vegetable biryani is also a winner - the recipe is made in under 20 minutes and feeds a crowd. 

No need to worry about serving up bland food either! There are three Mexican recipes here: vegetarian tacos, vegetarian chili and vegetarian quesadillas - all three pack a punch and can never be accused of lacking taste or flavour!

If you want to impress vegetarian friends, but don't have the time or confidence to try a complicated Cordon Bleu recipe, be sure to look at the warm goats cheese salad or either of the tart recipes (pesto, olive, feta and Mediterranean vegetable tart or the tomato tart recipe) All of these dishes look incredible, and wouldn't be out of place being served in a restaurant, yet are remarkably straightforward to make. 

Simple Vegetarian Recipes Available on Veggie-Yum: