International Vegetarian Recipes

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A Selection of International Vegetarian Recipes to inspire you 

With the rise of vegetarianism around the globe, there has never been a better time to increase your repertoire of international vegetarian recipes. Gone are the days when cooks are limited to making dishes traditional to their home country. Overseas travel has meant that more and more people have discovered a world of new ideas, cooking styles and imaginative flavours.

Is Mexican food your all time favourite? - Whether you're hunting for a recipe to make Quesadillas, Chilli, or Guacamole, You are sure to find a dish that you will love - Provecho!

Or maybe you prefer to eat something more spicy? This section also includes Indian and Thai recipes. With between 30 and 40% of the population of India counting themselves as vegetarians, there is a plethora of traditional dishes to draw upon! From spicy curries, fritters and biryanis to the more fragrant flavours of coconut and lemongrass which are typical of Thai meals - you won't be disappointed.

If Mediterranean cuisine is what makes your tummy rumble, you will find a host of recipes using juicy tomatoes, ripe and flavoursome vegetables, creamy or strong tasting cheese and seasoned with an abundance of herbs. Here are recipes including Italian risottos and pastas, Spanish paella, Moroccan tagines and Greek delights.

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International Vegetarian Recipes Available on Veggie-Yum:

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