Vegetable Salad Recipes

Delicious Salads That Will Look And Taste Amazing!

Do you hear the words "Vegetable Salad Recipes" and imagine some limp lettuce and bland tomatoes on the side of the plate? Think again!! Salads should conjure up a whole variety of ingredients and tastes - whether it is a filling main course, packed with different vegetables, grains, cheeses or nuts, or it is a smaller side salad, perhaps as a range of salads in a buffet or at a BBQ, there is something for everyone here!

Vegetarian salads are so versatile, extras items can be always be added to compliment the dish - so when needed, these can almost all be adapted to include meat.

This section of vegetable salad recipes include hot salads and cold salads, spicy flavours or a creamy texture, with carbs such as rice, potatoes or pasta, or simply delicious vegetables with an accompanying dressing. There's no need to wait till the weather warms up - you will be able to find a recipe to suit your needs here.

Vegetable Salad Recipes Available on Veggie-Yum: