Quick Vegetarian Recipes

Low on Time Required - High on Flavour and Taste!

Do you need some quick vegetarian recipes up your sleeve?

When life is happening at 100 miles an hour, and it seems like there is no time to eat - you will want to reach for these quick vegetarian recipes. It can be tempting to just grab a slice of toast or warm up a microwave meal, but these recipes are guaranteed to show that delicious, flavoursome and nutritious food can be made in a hurry.

Recent studies show that on average, people spend more time consuming food media (watching TV cookery shows, looking at food photos on social media etc) than actually cooking food. In fact, Americans spend on average 37 minutes a day cooking, and Brits just 34 minutes. If you aren't able to spend long cooking - make sure that what you do make and eat is delicious! 

Pasta is often synonymous with a speedy supper - try this pesto pasta recipe - it's sure to be a popular go-to recipe in the future. (Why not make sure you always have the ingredients to hand in your store cupboard or fridge) Or if you prefer something lighter, why not look at the courgette spaghetti recipe for a healthy, flavoursome dish. 

One of the great advantages of cooking with vegetables is that your meal can usually be ready within minutes. This is certainly the case with the spring vegetable gnocchi recipe in this section or the green vegetable quinoa salad. Both use tasty and quick to cook peas, edamame beans and leeks; whilst the creamy gnocchi is cooked with additional asparagus and spinach, and the quinoa salad is bumped up with the super foods pomegranate and avocado. 

If you prefer your food on the spicy side - why not look at either the vegetable biryani recipe or quesadillas? Both can be made as spicy or as mild as best suits your tastebuds and both offer a fabulous speedy meal.

All of these recipes can be made in under 20 minutes - which is about the time it would take to order and have delivered a take-away meal, but will taste so much better, and will be far healthier too!

Quick Vegetarian Recipes Available on Veggie Yum: